About us

Photo shows excavation to 56 feet below ground in Arecibo next to Atlantic Ocean, dewatered with seven deep wells at 1,500 gpm per well.

GeoConsult was founded in 1981. We provide designs and solutions to engineering problems within our areas of expertise, all related to infrastructure, geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering. A major portion of our work has been conducted for contractors and developers, with extensive work for leading engineering and architectural firms.

GeoConsult has performed work in Puerto Rico, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, United States and British Virgin Islands, Barbados, Honduras, India, Greenland and the Republic of Niger.

GeoConsult's approach to management of successful projects is shown by our commitment to the peer-review process since 1984. We hope to be part of your future successful design teams.

Download “Geotechnical Investigation Guidelines” developed by GEOCONSULT.



2005-2007: Investigation, design, and engineering and quality assurance services during construction for Rio Blanco Offstream Dam (Fill volume: 1.3Mm³)

Deep Foundations

2002: View of 60-inch drilled shafts tested to 3,200 kips with Osterberg cells for 2,250 kips of ultimate load. L=100 feet.

Shallow Foundations

1995-1996: Western Plaza, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico: Prefabricated vertical drains into 80' of compressible soils and horizontal drains under 15' permanent fill plus 15' surcharge, settlements on the order of 6 feet.