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In our 25 years of service we have worked on the islands of Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, US Virgin Islands, Cuba and the Lesser Antilles, and most recently in the Republic of Niger, Africa. As geotechnical engineers, GeoConsult has performed numerous subsurface investigations and analyses for buildings, roadways, dams and levees. GeoConsult has participated in the design of dams and flood retention dikes or levees. We have donducted numerous extensive subsurface investigations for varied infrastructure projects using auger borings with SPT, cone penetrometer tests (CPT), seismic refraction and soil resistivity, and crosshole seismic analyses. Solutions have included deep and shallow foundations, micropiles and tiebacks. GeoConsult has designed several deep excavations where dewatering was a major concern. We have reviewed ground conditions that required improvement using various inclusion techniques. Site specific seismic analyses have been performed by various clients and situations. Most importantly, GeoConsult has demonstrated an ability to meet demanding schedules. This page presents a brief description of some of our relevant projects.

Deep Foundations

View of 60-inch drilled shafts tested to 3,200 kips with Osterberg cells for 2,250 kips of ultimate load. L=100 feet

Offshore geotechnical characterization for the San Juan Bar Range system

Improvements on PR-172, bridge over Lake Cidra San Lorenzo .

Parque de Loyola Condominium in alluvial deposits, founded on 100-ton precast piles .

42-inch drilled shafts at PR-123 tested at 1,480 kips using Osterberg load cells (595 kips working load) L=78 feet

Tren Urbano, Section 6; drilled shafts (96" Diam) for 8,700 kips ultimate load

Tren Urbano, dynamic testing of piles using Pile Driving Analyzer