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GEOCONSULT has a strong commitment with gathering high quality field data, in order to enhance our geotechnical designs and engineering predictions. Furthermore, we try to keep up with the latest technologies available in the market. All of this is aimed to provide our clients with a wide menu of options for ground characterization based on site-specific needs.

Field operations for soil characterization covers large and small strain tests as well as geophysical tests:

  • A. Large Strain Tests
    • Standard Penetration Tests (SPT )
    • Cone Penetration Tests (CPT)
    • Rotary drilling for rock coring (capability for inclined drilling)
  • B. Small Strain Test
    • Downhole shear wave velocity surveys
    • Crosshole shear wave velocity surveys
    • Seismic refraction surveys
  • C. Geophysical Tests
    • Electrical resistivity surveys
  • Our staff is trained to perform, monitor, and interpret:
    • Static load tests on piles
    • Plate bearing tests
    • Specialized dynamic load tests (Pile Driving Analyzer - PDA)
    • Settlement monitoring
    • Percolation testing

    Our firm sustains a strong presence in soil characterization in industry and in major public works projects such as:

    Rio Blanco Offstream Dam
    SPT, CPT and seismic downhole tests were used to evaluate liquefaction potential, while seismic refraction was used to complement geological characterization.
    Seismic crosshole testing was used to verify stone column compaction during construction
    Bechara/Margarita Channel
    SPT and seismic CPT were used for soil characterization and data input for finite element analysis of deformations.