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Concrete and Soil Testing Laboratories

GeoConsult offers comprehensive testing services. Our trained and certified soil technicians and engineers perform material testing services, specializing in concrete, aggregates, and soil materials. Some of the tests performed at our facilities and on the field include:

  • A. For Soil Materials
    • 1. Free swell test
    • 2. Unconfined compression test
    • 3. Direct shear test
    • 4. Atterberg Limits
    • 5. Potential volume change tests
    • 6. Specific gravity test
    • 7. Sieve analysis
    • 8. Hydrometer Analysis
    • 9. Modified Proctor Test
    • 10. Standard Proctor Test
    • 11. One dimensional consolidation test
    • 12. Superficial percolation tests
    • 13. Determination of organic content in soils
    • 14. Permeability of soils granular soils
    • 15. Permeability of fine grained soils
    • 16. Triaxial tests
  • B. For Aggregates
    • 1. Sieve analysis of fine aggregates
    • 2. Sieve analysis of coarse aggregates
    • 3. Test for material finer than No. 200 sieve
    • 4. Specific gravity and absorption of fine aggregate
    • 5. Specific gravity and absorption of coarse aggregate
    • 6. Abrasion Test
  • C. For Concrete
    • 1. Casting and curing of 6"/12" concrete cylinders
    • 2. Compression testing of concrete cylinders
    • 3. Test for slump of Portland cement concrete
    • 4. Air content by volumetric methods
    • 5. Concrete core retrieval, preparation, and testing

Laboratory Recognition
Technicians' Certifications

Our laboratory is enrolled in the AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory proficiency sample program. We are accredited by AASHTO and the US Army Corps of Engineers. GeoConsult's laboratory includes a temperature-controlled environment to perform all laboratory tests. The laboratory was designed to meet all space and environmental conditions required by ASTM and AASHTO. All tests are performed in general accordance with ASTM / AASHTO procedures.

See a complete list of all tests offered and our validation status.

Details on the qualifications of all personnel as well as certification of calibration and inspection of all instruments is available. Any additional information that you may need regarding laboratory equipment as well as compliance with ASTM and AASHTO Standards is available upon request.